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What does Kindle ‘Special Offers’ mean?


The Difference between the ‘Special Offers & Sponsored screensavers’ version Kindles (TOP ROW) and the NON-‘Special Offers & Sponsored screensavers’ Kindles (BOTTOM ROW):

Click on the pictures below for an enlarged picture along with an explanation.

As you can see below, literally the only difference between a Special Offers Kindle and the NON-Special Offers models, is that there is a static advertisement on the Sleep screen. There are no other differences at all. In other words, the static advertisement only gets displayed when you are NOT using the Kindle. There are no distractions whatsoever, and even this advertisement (which updates to a new one every few days) can be deactivated for $20 payable to Amazon at any time after you’ve bought the Special Offers Kindle.

As you can see, the ads are in no way intrusive at all and do not interfere with reading in any way. With both model Kindles, the Kindle can be switched off completely, which results in a blank screen with nothing displayed while it’s off.

The Special Offers & Sponsored screensavers can be switched off at any time if preferred, for a $20 fee payable to Amazon.